Serengeti Safari (Tanzania)

On January 11, 2015 by keirobyn

For winter break 2014 we took a 3 week driving holiday through southern Kenya and northern Tanzania.  We had a lot of adventure of both the good and bad kind!  Overall it was a great trip.  We had a couple big car problems, though the car ended up doing fine after we got it fixed up.

From Nairobi, we headed to Carnelley’s at nearby Lake Naivasha for an easy first night out.  From there we headed through the Masai Mara, then crossed the border into Tanzania.  In Tanzania we travelled through Serengeti National Park and Norogorno Crater.  We went through the towns of Arusha and Moshi, where we did an overnight cultural stay with in a Masai homestead, which was surprisingly completely untouristy.  

From Moshi we headed back into Kenya, at which point the beautiful road disappeared and we spent about 5 days on dirt roads traveling through Tsavo West National Park and then Amboseli, on the Kenyan side of Mt Killimanjaro.

Click on a photo below to open up a slide show.

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