Into the Heart of Darkness

On September 5, 2015 by keirobyn

The day after the 2014/15 school year, Zoë and I flew to Rwanda.  We spent a couple of pleasant days camping at the youth hostel in Kigali and then headed for Goma, just over the border in the Democratic Republic of Congo.  The highlight of our trip was definitely climbing Mt Nyiragongo, which has the world’s largest lava lake.  We climbed up to the rim of the caldera at 11,000 feet and slept in decrepit huts on the rim, the lava lake was quite a show after dark.

Before we left Kigali, we also visited the sad but poignant Genocide Memorial, where a quarter million victims are buried.  It’s amazing how well the country is doing, given this relatively recent tragedy.  We also ran the friendly Kigali hash.  Coming and going from Goma in the DRC, we stayed in the Rwandan beach town of Giseyni.  We did a two day hike along the shore of Lake Kivu, where we did not see a single foreigner and had fun exploring the beautiful shoreline and villages.

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