By the Sea in the Seychelles

On November 6, 2016 by keirobyn

[October 2016]  I’m keen to visit all countries that are directly accessible from Kenya.  For our week long October break, we headed to the Seychelles, since it’s a direct 3 hour flight, a week is about the perfect amount of time and our lonely planet said that October is the best time to visit – the weather is good, the seas are not rough and it’s not yet high season.  Other than getting a flight and a room, we did zero planning.  We were unsure how accessible it would be for Robyn.  Based on a suggestion from Nikki, we chose La Digue, the smallest and most remote of the three main islands.  Excellent suggestion!  The island is small enough that you can get anywhere on it in a 20 minute bike ride.

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