Central Island Turkana

On June 22, 2018 by keirobyn

[June 2018] The minute school got out (ok, maybe a couple minutes before it got out), I took off in my already packed car for Central Island Turkana.  I traveled with Ben, Mike, Kent and Zoë.   An epic road trip!

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Trip notes:

The KWS dude in Kolokol is Collines at 0720 460 874 (June 2018).  He said he would be there for another couple of years.  He seems to sleep at neighboring Fimbo Camp, which is run and owned by ‘Fimbo’, who seems to have the only boat.  Fimbo asked 20000KES. I said that was too much so he dropped to 15000KES. I would try for 12000KES. They ran out of fuel on the way back and had to walk our boat in (!) and they did not have oars.  I would hassle them about having enough fuel and also make sure they bring oars.

We slept at KWS.  It was just a place on the ground, but it had a fence around it.  Not sure if they charged us (we did not get a break down of the final bill.)

Previously, I had negotiated with Mercy at Eliye Springs to 18000KES for an overnight trip only (no tent food etc..).  gloroadventure@yahoo.com  If you can’t bargain Fimbo cheaper, it may be better to go with Eliye Springs as it’s a nicer place to camp, they have cold beer and some food and their boat operation is probably more professional.

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