The Beer Chronicles

On December 2, 2018 by keirobyn

[December 2018] . Over the last few months I have brewed 4 double batches of beer, putting one batch in a keg with a clear draft device that pulls the beer from the top of the keg instead of the bottom.  This is meant to allow clearer beer faster.  However, for 3 of the 4 double batches, I had the opposite experience.  So, while it may indeed help, my current observation is that there are enough variables in my own process that any benefit of the clear draft system is not observable in my beer.  I’ll probably try this a couple more times in the future, in which case I’ll update this.

Experiment #1:  Normal slightly clearer at 5 days.  Score 0/1


Experiment #2:  Clear Draft Pilz clearer at 6 days.  Score:  1/2


Experiment #3:  APA at 10 days.  Normal slightly clearer.  Score:  1/3


Experiment #4:  Another Pilz at 17 days.  Normal keg is slightly clearer 1/4


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