Kenya Adventures 2019

On July 19, 2019 by keirobyn

[November 2019]  A man trip to Magadi and a family trip to Ragati conservancy.

[October 2019] Surf and turf!  A week long off road trip through Tsavo, to the coast and back through Lumo Conservancy and Amboseli.  We traveled with Maciej, Mouse, Todd, Ryan, Denzil and Jaime – we had a great time!

[July 2019] Between 3 weeks in Namibia and a week climbing Kilimanjaro, we did a week in the Aberdares for some slow family time and to acclimatize a bit at 10,000 feet.  One highlight of this week was discovering Solio Reserve, a hidden gem!

Here are some of our trips, from January to June of 2019.

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