Chile Adventures 2023

On July 13, 2023 by keirobyn

[December 2023] When school got out in December, we made a quick trip to to Humbold Marine Rerserve to see migrating whales. In November, Robyn and I visited Puerto Varas for a few days and I also spent a day doing a 30km hike of the ridgeline behind Santiago – 14 hours of hiking, including several peaks! I was smoked by the end of the day. :). Click on any photo below to open a gallery.

Cerro Castillo Trek: In between Christmas and New Years Zoë and I flew to Coyhaique in northern Pategonia, where we completed the 4 day transveral of the Parque Cerro Castillo. Due to the late melt, the trail wasn’t officially open, but noone was stopping us so we did it anyways. The trail is often compared to the W trek in Torres del Paine further south, with the main advantage of that trek being that there are far fewer people. We had excellent weather (no rain), although we had lots of biting flies, particularly on the first and last day (perhaps also because of the late melt).

[June 2023] We ended 2022 and started 2023 with a visit from my brother Erik and Shona. We had fun exploring central Chile with them, particularly Parque Conguillo. Erik and I followed up short trip to Puerto Varas, where we did some day hiking and kayaking. I capped the summer with an ascent of Cerro El Plomo (17843 feet) with a few friends . In the summer, we visited family in LA to reconnect. We had a long (covid) delayed celebration of my mom’s life and a restorative three day hike in the Sierras with my brother and Zoë’s cousins. We finished the summer with 3 weeks in Bogata, where Zoë modeled for the agency Iconic Models and Robyn and I took intensive Spanish classes at the school Neuva Lengua. Click on a photo below to open a gallery of photos.

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