Our fantastic pond side camping location on Mt. Eddy. We spent a month camping, hiking, swimming and napping!
Life of a digital nomad — recharging the laptop and phone at a campground.
Hiking next to a glacier moraine on Mt. Baker.
An incredible wildflower display in the northern Cascades. Not so beautiful were the box toilets that were placed around the mandatory views, though the views from them were great!


On top of Mt Eddy pursuing elusive views of Mt Shasta. I'm sitting in an old tower foundation we used for shelter when we got caught in a storm while on top of the Mountain.
Camping with Sara and Brian on Mt St Helens. We stayed the night before in Portland. They were glad to leave the hotel we had chosen behind, which Sara referred to as a "Meth Lab."
At a lookout for Mt St Helens.
Hiking with Nikki to Lake Joffre in British Columbia.

page created on August 10, 2005