26. 10. 2014
After a long hunt we found the pride.

On Safari in Kenya

For our first week long holiday in Kenya, we headed north from Nairobi.  We circumnavigated Mouunt Kenya, visiting many parks and reserves:  Meru, Samburu, Bufallo Springs, Shaba, Ol Pajete and Abderdare.  We had...

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30. 09. 2014
Cresent Island Park.

On our way to Africa

 We spent the first couple weeks of our summer (2014) in Australia.  We started off with doctors appointments for Robyn in Sydney, where she got a preliminary diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis.  We spent...

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06. 05. 2014
I love this ridge- we visit it every day every time we are in Jilling.  The views are incredible!

India 2014

Our last few months in India have been busy! In early April I had another homebrew fest with my fellow homebrewers.  Mike Citrino upped the game by adding homemade grilled pizza to the...

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23. 03. 2014
The man on the right is the chief of Longwa.  The man on the left is a visiting chief from a village in Burma.  His facial tatoos mean that he is (was) a headhunter.

On the Edge of India (Northeast) March 2014

We used our last spring break in India to travel to the North-Eastern states of India.  We were very happy to visit, as the Northeast is the only large region of India we...

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04. 11. 2013
"Four minarets", Hyderabad's iconic landmark in the center of the old city.

India 2013

India 2013 | Hyderabad |Sonepur Cattle Fair In late November, Chris and I headed for Patna, Bihar to visit the Sonepur Cattle Fair, reputed to be the largest cattle fair in the world....

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