family My mom's website for her art.
Zoltar From Zoron Erik's final USC film project
yahooligans teachers guide Teacher resources from yahoo
National Training Associates
Producers of EnVOY (NonVerbal) training
Generation www.Y
A student centered technology program
Collection of resources for overseas teachers
The International Educator (TIE)
computers Best site for downloads A good collection of news regarding linux on the desktop. An incredibly useful linux forum.
ASTALAVISTA.BOX.SK IT security information
Web Search Strategies Web Search strategies, TechPointer Tech help 'How to' articles on most computer topics.
IconBAZAAR Free clipart An anonymous web server (useful in China) An anonymous web server (useful in China)
travel LPs site, includes travelers bulletin board For buying plane tickets ditto ditto
other Cairo American College (the school we teach at) From The Economist weekly magazine
Created: September 06, 2000
Last modified: July 21, 2003