Zoë was born on August 4, 2006 near my parents place in Madison, Wisconsin. We had an excellent birth experience. Robyn was amazing and the hospital staff (nurses and midwives) were wonderful.

Our first family photo!
Zoe weighs in at 7lbs 12oz, after a couple of days. She was born at 7lbs 15oz.
I was pretty excited about this burrito roll that I got Zoë into. She was crying for about half an hour when I got her into this roll, then she immediately conked out!


Robyn at my parents house, a few days before Zoë was born. Robyn was biking and swimming right up until the day Zoë was born, 9 days late. We went for a tandem bike ride in Madison the day she was born.
Looking back at the Temple of the Oracle in Siwa.
Zoë's first night camping at Sitra sand dunes on the Siwa to Bahiraya track.


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