This summer, we traveled in Mexico for about a month. We stayed mostly in the colonial cities of the highlands, but we also spend a week with my family in Puerto Vallarta celebrating my parents 50th wedding anniversary (amazing!) and I went to the US twice for workshops and Robyn and Zoë visited my siblings in LA.

The Zocalo in Mexico City, one of Robyn's and my favorite places in the world. There is always something going on there!
Trotsky's office in Mexico City, where he bought the big farm in the sky via an acquaintance who put an ice pick through his head — ouch!
Showing a few moves on the ball court of an Aztec site near Zacetecas.
My parents and my nephew Murphy look at a book my sister had made for them that contains pictures of our family though the years.
We celebrated Zoë's first birthday with the family in Puerto Vallarta!
Robyn and Zoë playing in the 'Casa de los Amigos', a quaker hostel we stayed at in Mexico City.


Zoë playing with the light switch in our room in Mexico City.
We thought this room in Zacetecas was excellent value until it started raining — in our room and on my bed! We were afraid the ceiling portion around the lamp was going to fall down!
We based ourselves out of Guadalajara, which we passed through four times. The state orchestra played most afternoons for an hour in this pavilion on a downtown square. A very colorful scene!
We all went parasailing in Puerto Vallarta.
Lunch on a rare spot of grass in downtown Guadalajara.
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