Xmas 2007

We started 2007 in Libya, finished it in Thailand and had a wonderful year in between. Of course, Zoë was the star attraction of our lives this year. It has been great fun to watch her grow. She started the year unable to crawl and finished the year running (literally!).

Libya was a great adventure, it was one of our first big trips with Zoë. It was pretty low key, a a good starter trip as we were obliged to use a tourist agency for almost everything, so we didn't have to deal with buses etc...

We struck out more independently during the summer when we wandered the highlands of Mexico making sure to avoid the heat of the lowlands. The highlight of the summer was meeting up with my family in Puerto Vallarta where we celebrated my parents 50th wedding anniversary — amazing!

We took advantage of prime weather in the fall to go camping almost every weekend that we could. We have had great fun exploring the desert with our car, particularly as we have gotten more experienced (and reckless?) with our driving.

For Christmas this year, we linked up with friends to bicycle most of the way from Chaing Mai to Bangkok, great fun towing the kids!

Teaching this year has been fantastic!1 Robyn and I both love our classes and our schedules have been ideal, we love what we are teaching!

celebrating my parent's golden wedding anniversary — amazing!
We had great fun showing my sister around cairo on a whirl wind drive by visit she made.
chaing mai to bangkok with friends.


traditional berber grain storage in libya.
For spring break, we had great fun touring the highlights of egypt with Robyn's friend Jules, who visited from australia.
mexico is one our favorite countries and robyn and I were excited to visit again!
camping with zoë is great fun, she loves exploring our campsites and collecting rocks!
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