At the beginning of August, we moved to New Delhi to work at the American Embassy School. We're loving the school and India!
Ghandi's eternal flame and ashes, not far from our house.
Malika, Zoë's wonderful ayha. (nanny). We love Malika's smile and good humor!
Hard core developing world is just outside the gate. These neighborhood boys live in the 'juggi' (shantytown) just across the street. The juggie used to be a vacant lot. The government approved 200 people to live there, but now 3000 do. in the mornings, you can see dozens of people surrounding wells to collect water, while others sleep on the sidewalk to escape the heat. Our school has a lot of cool community outreach programs that work with the juggi. The older boy likely shaved his head due to lice. The residents are usually cheerful, helpful and friendly.
A fantastic train museum is walking distance from our house. Zoë loves the toy train!
My 3 times a week before school ride around the streets of delhi. CAC long timers might recognize gene harrell in the foreground. We frequently have to get off our bikes at this intersection to pull our bikes under the drop gate.


Welcome flowers on our arrival.
Laxshmi, our amazing masseuse. Laxshmi comes to our house every Thursday to give each of an hour massage in our bed!
Running in the 'ridge', 2 blocks from our house. The 'ridge' is the largest green space in Delhi and has some great trails. So far, I've seen Snakes, Jackals, cows, woodpeckers and pheasants here. (Cairo people might know jay winograd, who is the closest runner behind me.)
We try to get downtown once or twice a week to explore. Zoë is a big fan of the tuk tuks!
Teacher housing on campus. Our commute to the classroom is a 45 second walk! The playground, and school swimming pool provide great play areas for the numerous toddlers on campus.
ultimate frisbee in nearby nehru park is my saturday afternoon activity.
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