Sri Lanka

This Spring Break Robyn headed to Bangkok, where she finished a two year literacy coaching program she has been taking. Two thirds of the program was about coaching in general and adult learning, which will help her out next year in her new job as math coach! Zoë and I headed to Sri Lanka without her, until she caught up a few days later.

We loved Sri Lanka and might visit again soon!

Laura and Zoë half way up the long climb of Sigriya Rock. Zoë made it all the way up herself!
Another rock temple at Dambullah.
"Hungry Like a Wolf", a the Colombo cafe where Duran Duran filmed the video of the same name in the 80s.
Zoë working out with me.
We mostly got around by Tuk-Tuk, even between cities. They were fun, cheap, clean and big.
I loved this bar perched up on a big rock on a peninsula at the beach in Mirissa. Mirissa had a perfect level of (low) development -- but it's changing fast!
We went (blue) whale and dolphin watching. We saw hundreds of dolphins and three whales, including one that swam right under our small boat! We told Zoë that blue whales are the biggest animals that have ever lived on earth, and she asked, "Even bigger than daddy?"
Zoë and I encountered these fisherman on the beach while walking in the morning. I helped one of them pull their boat out of the water and three more insisted that I help them too! It was fun work and the fishermen were all eager to show Zoë their catch.
You know it's a real sea food place when you ask for the menu and they bring a big plate with samples of the day's catch. This famous restaurant was on a beach back in Colombo.


Zoë and I started our Sri Lanka trip without Robyn, who was at a workshop in Thailand. Our first destination was to head to Sigriya Rock with Jon and Laura.
Zoë, Jon and Laura at the Dambullah rock temples. Zoë loved Jon and Laura and kept asking about them after we parted company.
Back in Colombo, picking up mom at the airport.
The train ride south to the beaches went right along the water. The big open windows, old rickety train and spectacular views kept us all entertained. The Tsunami in 2004 wiped out everything in the area, including the train. Everyone we met along the coast had some insane Tsunami story.
Walking the wall of cute Galle Fort, where we stayed for a night.
Visiting a turtle sanctuary on the beach.
Hanging out in front of our room at Mirissa.
I loved candle lit dinners on the beach/sand in Mirissa. The seafood was excellent!
Our hotel was the only one on our segment of the beach. We shared it with the fisherman.
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