For our fall break this year, we headed to the Maldives. While never cheap, break this year was the exact week before high season, making things relatively cheap.

We had fun on the little island (Fihalhohi) that we set up on. We spent most of our days playing on the beach and diving on the reef. Robyn and I were very excited to get in some diving, which we've only done a couple times since Zoë was born.

Robyn doing a shore dive (bottom left). We were excited to dive, we haven't really dived since Zoë was born. We were surprised how easy it was to take turns. Most of the dives were either shore dives or 10 minutes away by boat.
The dive boat the resort used was super convenient, lots of space and easy to get in and out of.
We spent the last day in the capital, Male. We had fun wandering around few markets and cafes.


Arriving at our island resort, Fihalhohi.
The calm, warm waters were perfect for Zoë.
Each evening we set up on the west facing beach for sun downers.
page created on October 29, 2011