Summer 2011

This summer we biked 2500 kms over 7 weeks. We started at my parents house in Madison, Wisconsin and went to Boston. We bought a triple bike and pulled Zoë's chariot, as she is still a bit small to ride all day. We camped most of the time. A great trip!

We couldn't ride the bike when we got it! We were worried we'd have to bail on our entire trip. However, a little bit of reading on the internet and a bit of practice in the parking lot got us on our sea legs!
We rode up the coast of Lake Michigan and then picked up a rail-to-trail going east.
Our new iPad was fantastically helpful on our trip. We kept up with my parents via skype, friends via email and facebook and read lots of ibooks to Zoë.
A beautiful day biking along Niagara Falls, about half way through our trip.
A burger shack owner in Lockport, NY let us camp behind his restaurant under a tent they had - it kept us dry!
1500kms - In total, we did 2500kms.
Beautiful forests in upstate NY.
One of our nicer campsites in a NY State park.
Robyn and I were relieved to make it over our biggest climb in the Green Mountains in Vermont.
We got to visit lots of friends along the way, here we are with Craig and Clara Jean in Portland, Maine.
We took a commuter rail into Boston, it was a bear getting our bike on the train! Luckily it was a Sunday, so the train was mostly empty.


Putting together our bike at my parents house. We got it (mostly) together, but had to take it to a bike shop to get it working well.
Zoë rode the bike about half the time. When she got tired, she'd sleep in the chariot (child carrier.)
We ate out of supermarkets a lot, but usually ate our favorite meal of the day (breakfast!) in a restaurant.
When we camped in places with no showers, we usually bought a couple gallons of water to shower off the days grime. We learned quickly not to buy water from the fridge!
One of several ferrys we took on the trip, this one took us across a river (St Clair?) into Ontario.
Bicycling along the Erie canal tow path for a couple days was great fun!
Picking our own strawberries in upstate NY.
Setting up camp behind a gas station in upstate NY.
We loved skinny dipping whenever we could find a private spot! The Green Mountains had some beautiful streams and rivers!
Seaside in the Hamptons.
Our packed bike!
Somehow, I had a major brain freeze, forgot I wasn't in Europe and decided it would be a good idea to take a train from Boston to Chicago. Twenty hours into the 29 hour trip, that did not seem like it was such a good idea!
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