Of course the first thing we did in Kenya was go on a 4 day safari to the Masai Mara. The Masai Mara is the most popular game park in Kenya simply because there is so much wild life there. The highlight of our safari was watching the migration of the wildebeests— tens of thousands of wildebeests crossing the river from Tanzania into Kenya in search of better grass to eat. We were thoroughly amazed, but our guide said that we were only seeing the beginning and that in several weeks time there would be many more!

Next we spent five days climbing to the "hiker's summit" of Mt. Kenya, the 2nd tallest mountain in Africa. (The true summit requires technical climbing.) It was very difficult! However, once we got close to the summit, the views were beautiful!

Most people hike the mountain with porters. We miscalculated how much money we would need so we had to carry our own gear. We camped each night except our 3rd, when we stayed in the summit hut at 15, 700 feet — it was cold! (In fact we camped our entire summer vacation except for two nights.) The next day we had a beautiful day hiking out until the last couple hours when we nearly got lost in freak two hour hail and rainstorm, we were bumming!

Several days on the beach near Mombassa rounded out our stay in Kenya. We left the rest of the coast for a future trip, maybe this Christmas.


a leopard coming out of a tree.
cheetah taking a break from eating.
mt. kenya from mckinder's camp at 4100m.
a flash video of the wildebeest migration.
a flash video of lions feeding on a wildebeest

sunset in the masai mara.

children at a masai village.

the wildebeest migration.

lions feeding on a wildebeest

the summit hut at 15,700 feet.

August 1, 2004
Keir Paesel