Marathons and Half Marathons
  Mumbai 2011 Marathon in January 2011. I ran a 3:56.
Delhi Half-Marathon in November 2010. 1:41, which I think might be a PR for me. The weather was beautiful and I felt great. Mumbai half-Marathon, Jan 2010. 1:53. No pictures of this either! :( I ran this one my Vibram 5 Fingers,which was fun!

Beirut Marathon, Nov 13, 2005. 3:57

Dead Sea Marathon, Mar 2005. 26 miles down hill from Amman to the Dead Sea. Record time — 3:37. But I lost both my big toe nails and couldn't walk for days!
Madrid Marathon: March 2003. 3:52 Kenya Marathon, June 2003. This was an awesome marathon on a game reserve. There were only about 500 runners, but they included most of the fastest runners in the world!
Macau Marathon. My first marathon in 2001. I threw up when I finished. Macau Half-Marathon. Robyn did great!