Spring Break 2005: This year we flew to Seville in southern Spain along with Bill, Donna, Brent, Debbie and their baby Brendon. We immediately took a train to Cordoba and spent the week biking south, back through Seville and down to Jerez de la Frontera.

We arrived in Cordoba the eve of Easter Sunday. Being Semana Santa everything was packed like a rock concert. We went out our first night to watch solemn Samana Santa parades with huge floats of depressing "Christ on a Cross" effigies. The whole scene was kind of weird because the streets were crowded, narrow, silent and the parades were manned by legions of Ku Kux Klan outfitted people. Their costumes had nothing to do with the KKK, but it was kind of erie anyways.

One of the highlights of the trip was Seville, a wonderful city with a beautiful cathedral and lively university quarter. We stayed out late and enjoyed some flamenco dancing. Jerez de la Fronteria was a small and charming town. We found rooms in a charming pension situated on a beautiful plaza complete with its own church.

We biked 60—80km each day. Had wonderful weather everyday but the first and last...We rode at a leisurely pace so we could enjoy the scenery and we had great company! If Robyn gets her way bike touring could be our new thing!

Since we had to carry everything in our saddle bags, we traveled ultra-light and had to do our laundry every night.
Creepy KKK looking parades.
Since our trip was two weeks before my Dead Sea Marathon in Jordan, I had to do a 20 mile training run in Seville. Since we had already been biking for two days, the run hurt!
A short break for a picture before we pedal into town.


Just outside of Cordoba on the way to Seville.
Seeking shelter on the first day during the only rain we had. We contemplated, "Is it a good idea to shelter ourselves in a metal structure during a lightening storm?"
We kept a leisurely pace and always tried to find a nice lunch spot.
Looking for more fuel at the gas station.
Pushing on toward Jerez de la Frontera. Brendon had the best ride of us all.

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