Britain (and Mongolia)
July 2002

  Robyn does one of three obligatory laps around a traditional ovoo- sacred piles of stones, rocks, flags, vodka bottles, etc.. that mark every pass. House de Weirdos.  
  From Mongolia we took a flight to London so we could get Robyn to a reading conference in Edinburgh. We took a couple weeks to travel between the two cities, stopping in Bath, Manchester, and the Lake District.  
  Getting an yummy ale outside a crowded pub on Isle of Skye in Scotland. A 'Kissing Gate', meant to keep livestock from passing.  
  Stopping for lunch along a 3 day hike we did in the Lake District. Another great picnic in one of London's great parks!  
  We visited Robyn's previous Teacher Assistant (Ms. Nie, 2nd from right) in Manchester, where she is now studying.    

Created: October 12, 2002
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