November 2005 Bahiraya to Dakhla

Over Eid vacation in November, we did a 4 wheel drive trip from Bahiraya Oasis to Dakla Oasis. We had a great time! There was no moon (end of Ramadan), so the stars were amazing! The desert was beautiful and we had a great guide/cook/driver.
PB020002.JPG PB020004.JPG
Using the GPS to figure out where we are.
PB020018.JPG PB030019.JPG PB030022.JPG
PB030025.JPG PB030029.JPG
Always makes me a bit nervous when you are days from the next town and your driver is underneath the car. In this case he patched a leak with Black Pepper and Cumin!
PB040035.JPG PB040039.JPG PB040040.JPG
PB040042.JPG PB040044.JPG PB040046.JPG
PB040048.JPG PB040051.JPG PB040052.JPG
Blacksmiths in Dakhla Oasis.
PB040057.JPG PB040059.JPG
PB040060.JPG PB040061.JPG PB040062.JPG
Our amazing campsite in the White Desert. You can see our campfire below and the new moon in the sky.