We've been in Cairo for about two months now. Here's life for us in and around Ma'adi- the suburb of Cairo that we live in.
We spent several wonderful hours climing around and into the Pyramids.
Taking lots of Egyptian cabs is part of our day to day routine!
Our building in Ma'adi. The arrow points to our apartment. The circle shows the market at the bottom of our building - very convenient!
Cairo American College, the school we teach at. Robyn's building is circled on the left, the High School is circled on the right. Not shown are two big athletic fields to the right.
There are so many great places to eat in our neighborhood!
In October, we chartered a live aboard dive boat with 10 other teachers for 4 days of diving in the Red Sea. The diving was awesome. We dived a couple wrecks, not including the one behind us in this picture.
Our favorite dive was the Thistlegorm. This WWII British supply ship sunk with complete loads of Bedford trucks, motorocyles, a couple train cars (!), and other war supplies. We got this picture from http://www.touregypt.net/vdc/Thistle.htm.

August 23, 2003
Keir Paesel