In the beginning of November, I went camping with about 12 teacher from CAC to 'Whale Bone Valley'. It was amazingly beautiful!

This is called 'Flyers Rock'. On the right you can see a German WWII cross and on the left some kind of German Army identity number. A Luftwaffe bomber was shot down near here in 1942. The three surviving crew members made it to this rock before dying. They buried the first to die in the sand at the bottom of this rock. We drove in Brent and Debbie's car. Mike and Maryann from Cote d' Ivoire (also teaching in Cairo now) also came!
40 million year old whale bones lie around the valley in many places. Smaller fossils are so numerous in some places that you can't walk without stepping on them. (Mostly clams, shells and sharks teeth.)  

For Thanksgiving, we traveled around Luxor and Aswan. Our friends Kimber and Patrick, who are currently living in Germany, joined us.

We 'chartered' a felucca for a beautiful overnight sail from Aswan to Luxor.

The four of us at Hatshepsut's Embalming Temple (the tout's like to call it 'Hot Chicken Soup Temple'). This temple was the site of a 1997 terrorist attack on tourists.


I decided to get a shave in Luxor—bad move! Mouse over the picture for a second to see the result!


December 2, 2003
Keir Paesel