Australia April 03




In April, Robyn and I went to Australia for three weeks to visit family and friends. We were in New South Wales for a week visiting Robyn's high school friends Jules and Angela and her mother and Nan. We then travelled to Adelaide via Canberra, the Snowy Mountains, Melbourne, the Great Ocean Road and the Grampians National Park. We were pleasantly surprised to find a much more extensive National Park system than we had previously explored - on our next trip to Oz we'll plan in some more hiking and camping time!
Back in the US we went to Tahoe for a couple nights where we rented a cabin and got snowbound for a night! It was beautiful!
Grampians National Park in Victoria- it's stunning!
We stayed with Jules and Susie in their apartment in Sydney. They love their new reclinable chairs!
Wine tasting in Victoria.
After wine tasting in Victoria. We took a helicopter ride over 'The Apostles', a well known set of rock formations off the Victorian coast.
If you'd like a little tension in your relationship with your significant other, I recommend driving on the opposite side of the road in a manual car. It's amazing how difficult it can be!
I love Ned Kelly! We saw the movie, visited the site of his final shoot out and the jail where he was hung.
April 18, 2003
Keir Paesel