Ghana 2




Before 2nd semester started (SY 2002/3), we hopped across the border to Ghana for a few days.
A canopy walk at Ankusa National Park.
The 'Door of No Return' at Cape Castle (a slaving fort).
The fishing village of Elmina.
A beautiful day in a beautiful village seemed like an ideal time to watch the fisherman bring in the days catch while sipping a couple beers from a fortside vista. After watching the fishermen we had a great dinner at a Dutch built 16th century house cum hotel... and a few more beers. Robyn's still smiling here because we haven't started to walk home yet- our beer befuddled brains resulted in us getting totally lost -walking cluelessly through dim back alley's with kids chanting 'brunnie! brunnie!' (white man! white man!) and everyone looking dodgy. Fortunately, we got home fine.
The fisherman setting out for the day. The fisherman are great - they sing to set the timing of their oar strokes. When coming in they tie ropes to the boats and sing to set the timing of the 'pulls' as they pull the boat up onto the beach over rolling logs.
Here Robyn's smiling because we've splurged for a better room on our last night in Ghana at the beautiful Ankobra Beach. The big $30 we spent was more than the combined 3 nights. Some of the features we like best about this room were lack of mosquitos, bed bugs and blood splots on the bed. In the previous couple nights I accumulated about 30 bites of questionable origin (I prefer to think of them as mosquito bites than bed bugs!)

Created: January 8, 2003
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