Chistmas 2002




This year we were lucky to have 3.5 week holiday for Christmas. We headed to San Francisco where we visited friends, and then to Madison, where we spent Christmas with family. We spent New Years eve on a plane toward home, New Years Day wandering the streets of Paris and then a few days accross the border in Ghana before we started school. Overall, it was a great vacation!
One of several great meals we made while staying in Chris and Laurie's swish new pad!
Another great meal served up by Chef Chris. This even Theo and Natalie were able to come over as well!
Pat and Spencer with their new African masks.
This is the circle after we ran with Madison's H3 - the 4th oldest club in America!
Our 'New Year's Eve'! In the parking lot with a glass of champagne before taking off.
Robyn and I had a 12 hour layover in Paris on New Years Day, so we spent the day walking all over Paris, finishing at the Eiffel Tower. We were smoked by the time we got back on the plane!

Created: January 8, 2003
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