zero3Robyn and I met in 1993 in Sydney, where I was completing a semester abroad at the University of New South Wales (UNSW). We were married in Seoul, South Korea in 1995. We lived in Panama City for a year, and then in Oakland, CA where we both began teaching. Since Oakland, we have lived and taught in China (Guangzhou), the Ivory Coast (Abidjan), Egypt (Cairo)!  In 2006 we started (and finished!) our family when Robyn gave birth to our little girl, Zoë. Zoë’s been an amazing adventure for us, we can’t believe she is growing so fast!IMG_0102Robyn was born in Inverell, Australia. She graduated from the UNSW with a degree in Psychology. In 1998 she began teaching elementary school in Oakland, California, where she earned her K-8 teaching certification. In 2004, Robyn completed her MA in Education from Michigan State University. Also in 2004, Robyn was naturalized as an American citizen and now has dual citizenship. Robyn’s family still lives in Australia and she visits them every couple of years. In addition to  biking with both Keir and Zoë, Robyn likes to swim, read, and play with our cats “Cairo” and “Alex”.

I was born in England, but grew up in Germany, where my parents taught in American schools. I graduated with a BA in Electrical Engineering and a teaching certification from Northeastern University in Boston. After three years in the Army and one at Hewlett-Packard, I began teaching in California. I teach high school mathematics and computer science classes. In 2004, I claimed UK citizenship based on birth, so I currently have dual citizenship. In my free time, I like to travel, run, hike, bike and brew beer.

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