03. 02. 2023


[January 2023] Keen to get Zoe excited about this year’s long break, we let her choose the destination and organize the trip. We are glad she chose Colombia! She designed an itinerary for...

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20. 07. 2024

Southern Peru

[July 2024] Robyn and I drove 2500km in 3 days from Santiago to the border of Peru, then spent 3 weeks driving around souther Peru, including Arequipa, Cusco, the Sacred Valley, Puno and...

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19. 06. 2024

Easter Island

[June 2024] We started our southern hemisphere winter break with a 4 day trip to Rapa Nui (Easter Island). We thorougly enjoyed exploring the island! Click on any of the images below to...

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27. 04. 2024

Chile Adventure 2024

[April 2024] The first week before school started in February, I flew to Castro, Chiloe to complete a 5 day hike by myself in Parque Tantauco, on the southern tip of the island....

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29. 01. 2024

Brazil 2024

[January 2024] Robyn, Zoë and I traveled in Brazil for 3 weeks for our mid school year vacation. We flew in and out of Rio. We also visited Foz de Iguacu, Salvador, Recife...

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10. 10. 2023


[September 2023] For our week long fall break, we made a very quick trip to Sydney to check out schools for Zoë. It seemed silly to travel so far for such a short...

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13. 07. 2023

Chile Adventures 2023

[December 2023] When school got out in December, we made a quick trip to to Humbold Marine Rerserve to see migrating whales. In November, Robyn and I visited Puerto Varas for a few...

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25. 12. 2022

Dientes de Navarino

[December 2022] Each year Zoë and I do a backcountry hike.  I look forward to the time outdoors and one on one time with Zoë!  This year we hiked the 4 day trail...

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25. 09. 2022

All is good in Buenos Aires

[September 2022] We used our mid-semester break to explore Buenos Aires via a quick and direct flight.  We were charmed by the different neighborhoods and had fun exploring the parks, museums and restaurants. ...

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27. 07. 2022

Around the Altiplano

[July 2022] We had a one month holiday between school years.  I spent a week in Madison with my mom (91!), which was nice.  Then I returned to Chile.  We spent 3 weeks...

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13. 02. 2022

Chile Adventures 2021/2

[December 2022] Trips around Chile and back to the US. [February 2022] Various trips around Chile.  Also, a number of trips in the US during the same time period.

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11. 01. 2022

Torres del Paine

[January 2022] For the first week of the new year, Zoë and I flew to southern Pategonia (Puerto Arenas) and then on by bus to Puerto Natales, so as to access the ‘W...

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04. 04. 2021

Kenya Adventures 2021

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07. 01. 2021

Mara and Elgon Dec 2020

[January 2020]  We spent our first week of break on a familly trip to Mt Elgon (which we had never been to). Then a few days at home for Christmas, unsual for us). ...

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07. 08. 2020

Kenya Adventures 2020

Click on any image below to open it enlarge. Click on any image below to open.

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06. 08. 2020

Turkana, Mara, Beach

[July 2020] Travel out of Nairobi was restricted from April to June due to the Corona Virus. When the travel ban lifted in early July, we were keen to travel! We planned three...

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24. 11. 2019

NYC Marathon 2019

[November 3, 2019]  Early in 2019, I won a lottery place at the NYC Marathon.  On Friday November 1st, I flew to NYC, arriving at the expo to pick up my number 30...

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19. 07. 2019

Kenya Adventures 2019

[November 2019]  A man trip to Magadi and a family trip to Ragati conservancy. [October 2019] Surf and turf!  A week long off road trip through Tsavo, to the coast and back through...

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17. 07. 2019

Alpine Style on Kilimanjaro

[July 2019] Zoë and I climbed Kilimanjaro (19,341 feet) from July 11-15th, 2019.  It’s taken me several years to come to terms with the considerable cost of doing so, and to figure out...

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17. 07. 2019


[June 2019] Namibia has been on our shortlist for a long time.  Until now, we’ve been deterred by the time and expense of getting there and finding enough time to do it justice...

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18. 01. 2019

To Hell and Back: Somaliland and Ethiopia

[January 2018] We had a ‘memorable’ winter vacation driving through northern Kenya to Somaliland and back.  While most people in both countries are very friendly, we had a series of bad experiences. We...

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05. 12. 2018

Kenyan Adventures 2018

[December 2018]  It’s fun to look through these photos and remember all the fun trips we did this year.  I feel so lucky.

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02. 12. 2018

The Beer Chronicles

[January 2019] Probably my main goto hop is Cascade.  Cheap, reliable and available.  However, I use 3 kinds of Cascade:  Cascade I bring from the US, ‘US Cascade’ that I buy locally and...

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30. 10. 2018

Mad about Madagascar

[October 2018] We spent a week traveling one way from the capital (Tana) to Toliara on the South Coast.  Along the way we visited a couple of National Parks (Ranomafana and Isolo) as...

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05. 08. 2018

Summer 2018

[August 2018]  We had a busy summer, in a good way.  Zoë and I did a trip to western Turkana.  Then, we all had a 4 day stop in Dublin.  A month in Madison,...

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03. 07. 2018

Detroit or Nothin!

[June 2018]  Robyn, Zoë and I travelled to Detroit with my brother and his family.  We were fortunate to stay at my friend John’s house, who has an AirBNB there but lives abroad...

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22. 06. 2018

Central Island Turkana

[June 2018] The minute school got out (ok, maybe a couple minutes before it got out), I took off in my already packed car for Central Island Turkana.  I traveled with Ben, Mike,...

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11. 04. 2018


[March 2018]  For Spring Break we flew to Lamu with friends.  We stayed for a night then took a 2 hour boat ride north to the remote island of Kiwayu.  Kiwayu has virtually...

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19. 08. 2017

12,000 kms through Southern Africa

During June and July 2017, we headed south through Tanzania and made a loop through Zambia, northeast Bostwana, Zimbabwe, northern Mozambique and then up the coast of Tanzania and Kenya.  We had a...

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03. 04. 2017

Kenya Adventure 2017

[November 2017]  Magadi, Lake Ellis, Olomanyani Bush Camp, 4WD Course [October 2017]  For our October break, we spent a week on the beach in Zanzibar with Tom and Amreen. [August 2017] After two...

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10. 01. 2017

Uncovering Uganda

December 2016 |  For winter break this year, we spent three weeks driving through (western) Kenya and Uganda.  We started off at Maciej and Mouse’s place in Mbita, continued on to Jinja and...

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06. 11. 2016

By the Sea in the Seychelles

[October 2016]  I’m keen to visit all countries that are directly accessible from Kenya.  For our week long October break, we headed to the Seychelles, since it’s a direct 3 hour flight, a...

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12. 07. 2016

Malawi and Tanzania

Malawi and Tanzania | June 2016 |  We decided to spend the first month of our summer traveling in Tanzania and Malawi.  We logged 6000kms, driving through central Tanzania and then most of...

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19. 04. 2016

Turkana or Bust!

[March 2016] And then there was one, car that is.  People started dropping out of our Turkana expedition almost daily in the week before our trip.  Maybe it was the heat?  (Hot season...

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19. 04. 2016

Kenya Adventures 2016

Click on any photo to open up a gallery. December 2016 |  A long weekend just before Winter Break was an opportunity to travel to Tsavo and Cyulu Hills National Parks.  In Tsvao,...

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28. 02. 2016

The brewing chronicles!

October 2016 |  Ben, Heather and I put together a fun Oktoberfest this year.  Ben and I had about ten beers between us and a few others brought 1 or 2 beers.  We...

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06. 01. 2016

Christmas 2015 in Israel

We spent our winter break this year (2015) in Israel, where we got HSCT treatment for Robyn’s MS.  Robyn went to Israel in late November.  Her friend Nikki traveled with her and stayed...

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05. 09. 2015

Into the Heart of Darkness

The day after the 2014/15 school year, Zoë and I flew to Rwanda.  We spent a couple of pleasant days camping at the youth hostel in Kigali and then headed for Goma, just...

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20. 03. 2015

Kenya Adventures 2015

[October 24 2015]  We were lucky to have our friend Katie visiting from the US during our October fall break.  We returned to the Mara, this time stopping at our favorite nearby camping...

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11. 01. 2015

Serengeti Safari (Tanzania)

For winter break 2014 we took a 3 week driving holiday through southern Kenya and northern Tanzania.  We had a lot of adventure of both the good and bad kind!  Overall it was...

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26. 10. 2014

On Safari in Kenya

For our first week long holiday in Kenya, we headed north from Nairobi.  We circumnavigated Mouunt Kenya, visiting many parks and reserves:  Meru, Samburu, Bufallo Springs, Shaba, Ol Pajete and Abderdare.  We had...

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30. 09. 2014

On our way to Africa

 We spent the first couple weeks of our summer (2014) in Australia.  We started off with doctors appointments for Robyn in Sydney, where she got a preliminary diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis.  We spent...

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06. 05. 2014

India 2014

Our last few months in India have been busy! In early April I had another homebrew fest with my fellow homebrewers.  Mike Citrino upped the game by adding homemade grilled pizza to the...

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23. 03. 2014

On the Edge of India (Northeast) March 2014

We used our last spring break in India to travel to the North-Eastern states of India.  We were very happy to visit, as the Northeast is the only large region of India we...

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04. 11. 2013

India 2013

India 2013 | Hyderabad |Sonepur Cattle Fair In late November, Chris and I headed for Patna, Bihar to visit the Sonepur Cattle Fair, reputed to be the largest cattle fair in the world....

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