Packing List

This list is born out of twenty years of forgetting things every time I went on a trip. Each time I have forgotten something I have added it to this list. Now I almost never forget anything! Except once–I forgot the list–then I had to start again. 🙁 Now that it’s on my website I’ll never have to make it again!


 long pants


 bathroom kit (dental floss, fingernail clippers)


 battery pack

 wall charger and usb cords




vegetable peeler



 thin pants for mosquitos


 lip balm


 solar usb charger


 sarongs (2)

 deck of cards/other games


 duct tape

 medical kit (aspirin, children’s aspirin, band aids, thermometer, antibiotic gel, scissors, allergy medicine)




 travel guide


 day pack


 usb cords

 sweater, no matter how hot I think it will get downloaded maps for OSMand, GaiaGPS

 wet wipes




 eating utensils


 wet bag

 water purifier

 water carrying container

 sleep bag


 pots and pans

 sleep pad


camping stove

 tin foil

 candle/flashlight (and batteries)

 Trekking poles

 coffee mugs

 maps (incl gaia/OPM) 

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