On Safari in Kenya

On October 26, 2014 by keirobyn
Our beautiful camp site in Shaba came complete with a lion roaring very close by for several hours - glad we had those two armed guards.

For our first week long holiday in Kenya, we headed north from Nairobi.  We circumnavigated Mouunt Kenya, visiting many parks and reserves:  Meru, Samburu, Bufallo Springs, Shaba, Ol Pajete and Abderdare.  We had fun exploring!  We stayed in a wide range of accommodations, including camping, lots of cabins and a ritzy place in Samburu.  Our favorite however was wild camping in Shaba National Reserve, where the weather was perfect, the stars were amazing and a roaring lion walked right through our campsite at 2am!

To open a gallery of the photos below, just click on any of the photos.

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