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On February 28, 2016 by keirobyn

October 2016 |  Ben, Heather and I put together a fun Oktoberfest this year.  Ben and I had about ten beers between us and a few others brought 1 or 2 beers.  We had lots of fun games and a pot luck featuring lots of German food.  Ben and I dragged my 4 tap draft system down to the pavalion.

October 2016 |  I’m very excited about my new keezer- a freezer with 4 taps on it.  I’m still working out the kinks.


September 2016 |  Brewing a triple batch with Ben and Tom.  Ben bought a 100 liter brew pot, which was then too big to fit on the stove!  So, he also built a big food fired outdoor fire pit to get it boiling.  A fun day brewing.

My favorite blog is the   On that blog, the author (Marshall Schott) and friends of his run experiments on variables in their brewing to see what makes a difference.  I love the combination of statistics and brewing!

In the spirit of that blog.  I ran an ‘exbeeriment’ this weekend.

Exbeeriment 2:  May 2016  I brewed a batch of Pilsner and split it into 2.  I fined half the batch with Gelatin and did not fine the other half (though I did cold crash it).  Both beers turned out pretty clear, though the gelatin one was a bit clearer (the beer on the left) , at least at 1 week.  I did not collect any data on this exbeeriment, as I was mostly interested in my own opinion about the clarity.


Exbeeriment 1:  August 24 2016.   I brewed a batch of Dry Irish Stout.  I wanted to test the effect of storing it in a fridge vs storing it at room temperature.  I had 25 respondents, 9 of whom correctly identified the cold stored beer out of 3 samples (they did not know the variable).  However, this results has a p-value of 0.3886 and is not statistically significant.  So, it seems unlikely that storing beer in the fridge or at room temperature causes any significant difference.

However, I only had 25 results and need 30 to meet the conditions of the test – I’ll have to make sure I get more responses in the future!

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