Chile Adventures 2023

On July 13, 2023 by keirobyn

[June 2023] We ended 2022 and started 2023 with a visit from my brother Erik and Shona. We had fun exploring central Chile with them, particularly Parque Conguillo. Erik and I followed up short trip to Puerto Varas, where we did some day hiking and kayaking. I capped the summer with an ascent of Cerro El Plomo (17843 feet) with a few friends . In the summer, we visited family in LA to reconnect. We had a long (covid) delayed celebration of my mom’s life and a restorative three day hike in the Sierras with my brother and Zoë’s cousins. We finished the summer with 3 weeks in Bogata, where Zoë modeled for the agency Iconic Models and Robyn and I took intensive Spanish classes at the school Neuva Lengua. Click on a photo below to open a gallery of photos.

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