Chile Adventure 2024

On April 27, 2024 by keirobyn

[April 2024] The first week before school started in February, I flew to Castro, Chiloe to complete a 5 day hike by myself in Parque Tantauco, on the southern tip of the island. Since I was by myself and there were only a couple of people on the trail, I was able to read and relax a lot. I had a great time! The park is owned by ex Chilean President Pinera, who happened to be in the park while I was there, so I met him at the end of my hike (with no one else around). I didn’t know who he was until he left the room. When he left me, he walked out the door and got in his helicopter and flew away. I spent the night at the guesthouse with two of his children and a handful of grandchildren. The next day, President Pinera (tragically) died in an accident in his helicopter!

In early March I did a week long rafting expedition with students on the Maule River. At the end of March Robyn and I spent a long Easter weekend exploring the upper Maule River, which is in the Mountains.

Hiking in Parque Tantauco.

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